Telephone Bookings

Record and confirm manual bookings (either by telephone, email or post).and 24:7Booking will instantly update your online availability, ensuring no double bookings.

Offline bookings are managed using the Telephone Bookings facility. Telephone Bookings entries immediately update all your website and back office availability calendars/planners.

From Telephone Bookings you can view a planner of available dates and you then have three options:

  • Create telephone booking – looks up the price and takes basic customer details – ideal for single holiday property owner
  • Price check – as above plus more options, including the facilitiy to save a quotation – ideal for multiple holiday property owners and holiday parks
  • Amend availability – the quickest method, no details required. Ideal for scheduled maintenance or repair.

Other features include:

  • Check whether the customer has booked with you before, using their name and postcode
  • Subscribe to postcode lookup systems
  • Record payment details and methods
  • Add your own booking notes
  • Record any special requirements
  • Update and amend bookings

24:7Booking provides a simple booking process for the single holiday propery owner, and also offers the options required by larger operators. To see in detail how the telephone bookings work, try our interactive demonstration.

Example of the Telephone Booking planner:

Calendar month view telephone booking